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How did we start?

Launch was started because we firmly believe that we are currently undergoing the next revolution - the technology revolution. Like in the industrial revolution, everything we do in this new era of tech is impacted by automation. We believe that in order to excel financial and academically in the future, an understanding of how computers work is a requirement. It’s not enough to be just a casual user of technology.

Our Values

Quality, Quality, Quality

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Learning Is Fun

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Operational Excellence

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While Not Online?

We believe that the internet is a very powerful source of information. We rely on the internet for almost everything from communication to education, however, we firmly believe that in-person learning where students can build a relationship with their teacher is the most effective form of learning (and statistics agree).

Learning via online-only methods have subpar rates of successful completion, therefore in-person learning thus becomes even more important for kids. The Launch Mission Control platform allows our centers to extend their reach by allowing students to practice online and at home, but most of the learning happens at our centers.

Launch provides students and parents the highest quality computer science curriculum using fun, relevant, and engaging content designed to instill a love for technology in young minds.

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How we are changing the world?

Here at Launch Code After School, our classes emphasize applicable computer engineering skills that propel children to become creators and not just consumers of technology.  Alternative approaches only offer fun, but shallow educational excellence.

Even if kids don’t pursue a STEM career, they’ll learn critical skills such as creative problem solving, logical thinking, and working in a team-setting that will give them a leg up in school and beyond..


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