Last Revised - 7/16/19

  • How much does this cost?

    Summer sessions start at $299 for a half-day camp, with full-day camps starting at $499. Our subscription for after school classes is $249/month. Scheduling is flexible, and your child can come in for an hour-long class up to two days each week.

  • Is there any contractual requirement?

    Students enroll in our program on a month to month basis for the weekly classes. During that time changes may be made to their schedule, but we expect them to stay for at least the full month. Students come in twice a week and are guaranteed 8 sessions a month.
    If they sign up for the summer camp, we require 50% as a down payment (fully refundable) to hold your spot in the class and the other 50% will be due 30 days prior to the class.

  • My child is advanced, what level should they start on?

    Each level has a test associated at the end of the level. We start the child on the Level 1 test and keep going until they no longer can pass. The student will then start one level back. For example, if the student passes the test for levels 1-4 but then fails level 5, we will have the student start at level 4 to ensure they have a concrete understanding of the foundational concepts required for the next level.

  • How do you assess my child; how do I know what they are learning?

    We will send home regular progress reports or show student progress through the course. We also schedule 1-on-1 sessions with you to go over your child progress and provide recommendations to improve their learning.

  • Why should my kid learn computer science?

    In the next decade, computer science will become synonymous to learning French or Spanish in school, except that programming touches every industry globally. Unlike Spanish or French, which is spoken regionally, computer science is a universal language. As we become a more and more technologized society there will be an insatiable demand for people who know how to write software. Computer science will enable your child to do the unthinkable, change the world, and provide tremendous value to others. Who knows, your child might have his own revenue generating company before he or she is 18, maybe even be the next Mark Zuckerberg!

  • What is the typical length of time a student will stay with Launch?

    We can take your kids all the way from middle school through the end of high school. We start with simple HTML/CSS, move on to more complicated JavaScript and by high school are teaching kids backend database structures so that they can go on to write full blown web application like Reddit and Twitter! The length of stay, however, is ultimately dependent on the parent. You are not locked into a contract that forces you to use our services. We are confident that you will be extremely satisfied with the progress your son and daughter makes and will want them to keep learning more.

  • Who are the teachers and supervisors?

    All of our instructors are industry professionals that have years of experience writing software for technology companies and have a deep-seeded passion for introducing the next generation to the magic of programming and web development. We have trained them in teaching best practices through our rigorous teaching program crafter by a learning philosophy adopted from Teach For America.

  • Why choose Launch to teach my kids?

    We care deeply about spreading coding literacy. It is very important that kids understand how their iPad apps and web applications work as they are a very large part of powering the world. We provide highly individualized instruction and care about each student's success. Computer science is not taught in schools the way it needs to be. It is not a core subject, which is silly since everything we as humans do these days revolves around our tech devices.

  • Is Launch a licensed day-care center?

    Launch is not considered a day-care center nor is it licensed by the state of Texas

  • What days are you open?

    Launch is open every Monday through Saturday (besides holiday schedule below) on the following schedule:
    Monday to Friday: 3:30pm to 8pm
    Saturday: 10am to 2pm
    2018-2019 Holidays
    November 21st to 24th
    December 24th to January 5th

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