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Python Software Design and Development

Python Programming Language, IDEs such as Atom or

Program Content

Designed for students with some experience in a written programming language such as Python, Java, C# / C++, or JavaScript. In this course students will begin to tackle higer-level programming concepts, using loops and conditional statements in more complex ways. They will begin leveraging the power of lists, dictionaries, and functions while conceptualizing and creating their very own full-scale coding project. Students will learn about the software design cycle that developers use and put skills such as user feedback analysis, project management, and user flows in practice, working through the life cycle of creating a software product from beginning to end. Not only will students deepen their knowledge of this top programming langage, they will begin to practice the skills and competencies needed to become a real coder!

Students will begin applying logic, math and Boolean reasoning to their programs.

Create elegant and efficient Python code, learning the startegies and tools that Python developers use.

Plan and manage activities to develop a solution, design a computer program, or complete a project.

Each student will be responsible for one aspect of the project, implementing one new coding concept and learning how to oversee one area of a programming task.

Learn to structure and utilize different data structures and encapsulate concepts to create more elegant code.

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