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Game Design with Minecraft Mods

Minecraft, ComputerCraft/ Forge Server, Command Line

Program Content

Learn about game design with everyone’s favorite game, Minecraft! With the ComputerCraft mod, students will explore the ways that their favorite game can teach them how to program using the LUA programming languages. The ComputerCraft mod for Minecraft allows students to place turtles and computers in their minecraft world in order to automate their gaming activities.

Build upon the basic programming skills using advanced control structures and compositions to build complex programs.

Automate your Minecraft world with turtles. Program them to build your empire while barely lifting a finger.

Setup, hack, and configure you own ComputerCraft Minecraft server while learning about how clients and servers work.

Unlock the secrets of MineCraft with a modded ComputerCraft server that allows you to create entire networks!

Start learning about advanced computer science concepts like data structures and composition. Learn to use elegant structuring to write nuanced and efficient code.

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Game Design with Minecraft Mods









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